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The romantic narcissus


Narcissus Actaea

Daffodils are cherished emblems of spring and this year their bloom time has been helped along by a succession of sunny and mild days, though it is drier than normal for late April and we really need a good, soaking rain.

Many other flowering plants are also making a magnificent display in shades of pink, yellow, lavender and blue. Seeing them along country roads and meadow lanes is a tonic after our long and harsh winter. 

Narcissus Actaea (commonly known as Pheasant’s Eye) is an easy to grow heirloom daffodil (1927), excellent for naturalizing to create drifts of these cheerful flowers in the spring landscape, 

It thrives in Zones 3 through 7, blooms mid- to late-season and is deer and rodent proof. Cut some for the vase and enjoy their fragrant and romantic beauty.