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Snagged: Dead wood is good

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Protect this critical habitat


Protect standing trees whenever possible is one of my mantras and thanks to Hurricane Sandy, I get to practice what I preach. Fortunately, the trees that came down were in the woods behind the house, all the more reason to let them be. 

Though they may look unattractive to neighbors and entice tree company reps to leave business cards at our door, standing trees or snags are vital real estate for birds and other wildlife and the insects they eat.

And they are becoming scarcer.

Why? Because when people move to the leafy suburbs one of the first things they do to “improve their landscaping” is remove trees! Certainly, dead or dying trees that can fall on houses or pose a danger to children playing outside must be taken down. But more often than not, they remove healthy trees that pose no safety hazard whatsoever simply because they’re not pretty to look at.

More on the importance of protecting standing trees in my next post. 


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