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My favorite yellow roses

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‘Sunsprite’ (top) and ‘Gold Badge’ 


Introduced in 1973, ‘Sunsprite’ is a floribunda rose that is often overlooked. But if you love a yellow rose and one that smells delicious, ‘Sunsprite’ is for you.

There are many shades of yellow, but ‘Sunsprite’ is known for its clear, pure hue, never golden and with no hint of apricot or pink. The dark and shiny green foliage offsets this yellow rose nicely, but what I love most after the color is its subtle fragrance: sweet and slightly fruity.

Another floribunda, ‘Gold Badge’ is a lemony, medium yellow with roses that are fully double and very fragrant. It can be grown as a shrub or climbing rose.

‘Gold Badge’ also makes a good cut flower and the climber blooms profusely. Learn about floribunda roses here.

More yellow rose recommendations in my next post.


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