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More yellow roses

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‘Amazone’ (top) and ‘Peace’ 


I also recommend these yellow hybrid tea roses. 

‘Amazone’ is a soft, buttery shade of yellow with the classic, high-centered buds so characteristic of the hybrid tea class. It’s a large shrub rose that can grow to 6 feet, so plant it where it will have room to stretch out.  and will grow four to six feet. ‘Amazone’ roses look beautiful in the vase and yes, they are fragrant.

‘Peace’ is a rose of astonishing beauty. The huge flowers are yellow in the center and turn ivory and pink along the outer petals and edges. The fragrance of this rose is very light, but its size and coloring more than make up for that.

Introduced in France in 1942, ‘Peace’ continues to be one of the most popular and beloved roses in the world. The history of this rose is fascinating and once you grow it, you may never want to be without it. 

In upcoming posts I’ll be sharing my organic approach to growing roses, recommend more favorites, including old garden roses, and more.


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