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Heat tolerant roses

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A Shropshire Lad’ 


Many David Austin roses like the one pictured above are heat tolerant. A list of other roses that perform well in hot weather can be found here.

Where summers are hottest and during heat waves in June, like the one we’re having, a manure tea allows you to literally water fertilizer down and still lightly provide roses with the nourishment they need. 

Making manure tea is as simple as adding a generous handful or two of organic compost to a gallon sized watering can. Or, if you prefer, add 2-4 tablespoons of organic granular rose fertilizer instead and fill the can with water, all the way to the top.

Allow the mixture to sit for a day or two in the sun, the longer, the better. Now you have “tea.” Set the can in the shade to cool the tea. Spray a jet of water from the hose into the tea to mix it well and you’re ready to go.

Water your roses thoroughly first, apply some tea, and then water the tea in. Remember, less is more in hot weather. If your roses look stressed, hold off on feeding altogether and just water, water, water.

Water saving tip:

If you run a dehumidifier in your house and have the kind that comes with a container to empty, don’t throw that water down the drain. Use it to water your roses! While not suitable for birds or animals because of molds and irritants in the water, dehumidifier water is fine for roses and other garden plants.


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