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Cecile Brunner’ 

Antique roses are more disease resistant than many modern roses. They’re also more heat tolerant. But the reason to plant them is for their fragrance and rare beauty. And once you do, you will appreciate how special they are. Mind you, most antique roses only bloom once a year, but trust me, they’re worth it. Grow them along with a variety of other roses and you can still enjoy blooms throughout the season. 

Polyanthas are good for those new to growing old  roses. They tend to be free flowering, healthy and long lived. ‘Cecile Brunner’ has been a mainstay in my garden for many years. Introduced in 1881, it has perfectly shaped little pink buds and was known as “the Sweetheart Rose” during the Victorian era.

‘Cecile Brunner’ provides sprays of lightly fragrant flowers from spring until frost. It can be grown as a bush or a climber. There is also a white variety.

And don’t let its petite size fool you, this is a tough little rose. However, like all roses, it should be planted in full sun, in well-drained soil, fed monthly and mulched to conserve moisture.

A good selection of polyantha roses to consider planting in your garden can be found here.


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