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Rosa Mundi

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Rosa Mundi’ 

In dedicating this month to roses, it seems fitting to end with ‘Rosa Mundi,’ one of the oldest roses, introduced sometime between 1500 and 1591. Heirloom Roses, describes this Gallica rose as:  

“One of the most famous of all old garden roses. Striking, semi-double 3-4” blooms (petals 12-18) with crimson background splashed and striped white and pink, set off by bright golden stamens. Blooms cover the once blooming, nearly thorn-less, compact, spreading well, foliaged bush.

‘Rosa Mundi’ was named after Fair Rosamund, the mistress of King Henry II of England. Produces nice hips in the fall for the birds to enjoy and is also shade tolerant; perfect for that dappled sun area. Good for zones 4-8.”

Antique roses are more disease resistant than many modern roses and they’re also more heat tolerant. Grow them to enjoy their fragrance, rare beauty and history. For a wonderful introduction to antique roses, read Old Garden Roses.

Mind you, most antique roses only bloom once a year, but trust me, they’re worth it. For flowers throughout the season grow them with a variety of other roses.

There are too many wonderful websites about roses to list here, but some that stand out are: 

All America Rose Selection, Rose Reference Database, and World Federation of Rose Societies.


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