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Hosta care

holy hosta

Hostas like loose, well drained soil

Plant hostas in soil amended with organic compost such as Coast of Maine, or well rotted leaf mold. Remember, these hardy perennials are shade loving; only some varieties are sun lovers, so choose your plants with a “right hosta for the right site” mindset. 

Space them 2 to 4 feet apart, depending on the cultivar. Large specimen hostas need extra room to reach their full size at maturity, which can take several years.

Water hostas well during the growing season and place a layer of mulch around the base of the plants to conserve moisture. If you live in an area with drought-like conditions, do not plant hostas; they will wither and die without adequate moisture.

There is some debate as to whether feeding hostas is necessary. I feed mine with organic compost in early spring as the leaves begin to emerge. You can wait until mid- to late spring and feed them with a manure tea.  Water them first or wait until after a soaking rain and then give each plant a generous drink of tea.