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reel mower

 An environmentally friendly way to mow

If you’re interested in a more organic and environmentally-minded lifestyle, trading your gas powered mower for a reel mower is a big step in the right direction. Did you know that an hour of mowing with a conventional mower is roughly equivalent to driving your car 100 miles?

Reel or push mowers are powered by you or whomever is delegated for lawn mowing duty in your family. Obviously, the less lawn you have, the more practical reel mowing is. But if you’ve already taken steps to reduce the size of your lawn, reel mowing is right for you.

Most reel mowers weigh around 50 pounds, they’re sturdy but not difficult to lift and if you’re fit or interested in getting fitter, lifting and pushing them is great exercise. You can burn about 400 calories an hour using a reel mower.


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