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The time of daylilies

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morning lilieslilies of the field 2

Fields of daylilies at R. Seawright Gardens (Click on photos for best views)

It was around this time in 2012 that I decided to visit R. Seawright Gardens in Carlisle, Massachusetts.

I arrived in the cool of early morning during a spell of hot weather. I remember thinking how perfect my timing was ─ the fields were awash in bloom and the flowers were still gleaming with dew.

The experience of walking among so many daylilies in full bloom was captivating, magical and strangely sad. I had an overwhelming feeling that something was coming to an end.

I had no way of knowing it then, but I had visited during what was to be the last season for Seawright Gardens. After 37 years as stewards of the land, the owners decided it was time to retire and “go on to other adventures.”

For me, Seawright Gardens was a place emblematic of the good life: one filled with Earth, Time and Sky.


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