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hosta div 3

Hosta divisions with three or more shoots


Hostas don’t need to be divided, but if you want more of them, division is simple and early spring is the best time. The leaves are just beginning to emerge, which makes handling the clumps easier, and in New England the cool and damp conditions are ideal for keeping the divisions well watered.

-Half fill a bucket with water.

-Dig around a clump in a circle and use your shovel to gently lift the clump out.

-Note the individual plants or crowns. Wash the soil off the clump to get a better look.

-Break the clump apart to make a division with three or more shoots.

-Plant each division at the same depth the clump was growing in and water well for several weeks.

NOTE: Many people are tempted to divide their large specimen hostas, but these giants can take up to six years to regain their size. So, if you love your giant hosta the way it looks now, leave it alone.


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