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Beautiful Blues

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdelphiniums in garden setting

Delphiniums come in many shades of blue

A month of historic snowfall in Massachusetts has me feeling blue, but in a good way. I’m thinking about the blue flowers I want to plant this spring. My love of the color blue goes beyond flowers to include foliage and grasses.

Last year I wrote about the famous Blue Garden in Newport, Rhode Island and I am delighted to report that it has been restored to its former glory.  Filled with delphiniums, hydrangeas and other blue flowers, the Blue Garden was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, Jr., and unveiled to the public in 1913.

Delphiniums come in some of the most beautiful shades of blue that you can imagine. I am partial to D. elatum, the semi-double Pacific Giant Hybrids in blue, lavender, pink, white and bi-color cultivars that can reach a height of 4 to 6 feet.

To grow them successfully, staking these taller varieties is essential, so are deadheading the first blooms and planting them where they will receive morning sun and afternoon shade.  Learn more about growing delphiniums here.




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