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Reed All About It

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Please ignore your calendar and let mid August seep into your senses. Here in Massachusetts the weather is hot and sultry, deep summer at its best and a time of lush growth. Cattails are beginning to burst open, releasing their soft down-like interiors for late-nesting birds like Goldfinches. This photo is purposely dreamy in an effort to fog any inclination to revert to a “back to school” mindset, because honestly, it’s just too soon.

Step back and savor mid August. Heirloom tomatoes are ripening, blue spikes of anise hyssop are covered with contented bees and fragrant buddleia are in their glory. Do all you can to be in the moment and enjoy this time.  


One thought on “Reed All About It

  1. Thank you for resetting my mindset that Fall is almost here! Now I’ll focus on the late summer glory for what it is. Fall can wait!


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