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A blue lilac


Syringa Vulgaris ‘President Lincoln’

I planted this heirloom lilac 13 years ago and it has matured into a tall and majestic beauty.  This spring, for the first time, the trusses of single blue flowers were visible from the upstairs window.   

‘President Lincoln’ blooms beautifully and memorably for about two weeks in May.  Prolific and very fragrant, the flowers also attract bees and butterflies.

Cultivated by John Dunbar in 1916, this lilac is renowned for its true and vivid shade of blue. Some describe it as Wedgwood blue and I’ve noticed that at certain times of the day, depending on the light, the flowers are sky blue.

If you love blue in the garden as I do, this lilac will exceed all your expectations. Get it off to a good start by planting it where it will thrive.